Ramedar Bakri Farm

Placed close to Kaashi, Sarnath and Chandravati (the birth place of 8th Teerthankar Shri ChandraprabhBhagwan), Ramedar Bakari Farm is located in the Narayanpur village, in Choubepur Thana of Varanasi district. Established in January 2020, Ramedar Bakari Farm is an innovative goat farming project fully supported by Agrikaash. The farm is run and managed by enterprising young farmer Shri Ramedar who has been trained in scientific goat farming at Central Institute for Research on Goats (CIRG). A graduate and computer literate, Shri Ramedar is a hardworking and forward-looking farmer who believes in perseverance and integrity.

Ramedar Bakari Farm (RBF) has its focus on two famous goat breeds – the Jamunapari breed and the Black Bengal breed. The Jamunapari goat breed is the tallest of goat breeds and is often with beautiful white coat. Jamunapari goat is a good milk producing goat. Its natural geographic terrain is inWestern UP. On the other hand,Black Bengal breed is one of the smallest of goat breeds in India and is known for its high-quality coat generally of black colour.Black Bengal is famous for its high-quality chevon. This breed is typical of eastern regions of India. RBF is thus the proverbial confluence of two distinct and well-known goat breeds of India.

RBF started with just two goats got from CIRG after the training, now owns more than 30 goats and is driving itself towards having seventy-five goats very soon. The enterprise of Shri Ramedar was duly appreciated in December 2020 when he was awarded the second place in animal husbandry section of the Kisan Samman Awards in Varanasi district. Doordarshan too has acknowledged the diligence of Shri Ramedar and broadcast a programme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB9Xi2GExdE)Β  focussed on his venture. Agrikaash is supporting RBF to scale up to become a reputed player in goat farming in the region.